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About Eaglle Group

Eaglle Group is led by a strong and experienced Board. Its members bring diversity in expertise and perspective to the leadership of a complex, highly regulated, global business.
We invest substantially in R&D and is driven by breakthrough ideas coming from our own people and our many partners. We address the needs of nature, farmers and consumers. Eaglle is capable of working with every type of farmer to meet their challenges regardless of farm size, farmers need to grow healthier, more productive plants. They face increasing pressures from soil erosion and biodiversity loss and from consumers changing tastes in food and concerns about how it is produced. We work with growers to get more out of their crops while keeping workers safe and farms profitable. Farming must be financially rewarding or farmers will leave the land. We also help to open up markets and make sure farmers get a fair price and a reasonable profit.
We create value for all our stakeholders – farmers, employees, suppliers, food chain partners, the communities where we work, and society at large.
We measure our success not only by our business performance, but also by the benefits we bring to farming and the
environment, from healthy soil to better crops, from farmers’ incomes to fair labour practices, our work brings positive change to people’s lives
Eaglle Group will be the most collaborative and trusted team in agriculture, providing leading seeds and crop protection innovations to enhance the prosperity of farmers, wherever they are and innovates with world-class science to protect crops and improve seeds. Our core businesses support farmers with technologies, knowledge and services so they can sustainably provide the world with better food, feed, fibre, and fuel.
We help farmers to grow safe and nutritious food, while taking care of the planet. We all have to eat By improving crop productivity and making farming more efficient, we enable growers to provide healthy, high quality food safely and sustainably
We will Produce high quality Starch for the local and International Market .


Our Solutions Empowering the Food Value Chain

Eagllegroup offers an ecosystem of products and services that helps everyone connected with the Food Value Chain (farmers, producers, financial institutions, state governments, etc.) make smarter decisions. This results in lower production costs, reduced lending risk, better yields, efficient marketing, increased incomes and boosting food security.

lower production costs
Lower Production Costs
reduced lending risk
Reduced Lending Risk
Better Yields
Better Yields
Efficient Marketing
Efficient Marketing
Increased Incomes
Increased Incomes

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